Exhibition:  Staring January 2015
Opening: TBA
Place: TBA


For Zurich, the Virtuale festival has put together a collection of character figures ranging from the commercial to the avantgarde – without preference for one or the other –to line them up and float them down the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich in the world’s first Augmented Reality Parade.

The AR Parade extends in virtual space what began in real space in the 1920s when rubber balloons inspired by the legendary puppet maker, Anthony Frederick Sarg marched down the streets of Manhattan as part of the Macy’s Day Parade of New York City.

No longer produced by a rubber company, but by digital artists and creative content providers, the floats will march magically up and down Zurich’s most famed shopping street all day and everyday for all to admire through the looking glass of the 21st century, the window of any mobile device.

To strengthen tie between two of the world’s greatest cities, virtual portal in the form of an AR Metro entrance has been placed in the Augustinergasse using Augmented Reality to transport people on a virtual trip from the center of Zurich to the heart of New York City.