Article: The Art of Augmenting Reality|  Monika Rut & Arthur Clay

Over the last few years, we have been witness to the emergence of the use of the virtual in public space. The manifestation of the virtual and the interplay of it with the real are changing the concept of public space and the perception of art that is now being presented in it. The integration process of the virtual into the real is also clearly affecting the way in which cultural institutions are now presenting and meditating art, as well as how this process is bringing the demand for new and innovate ways to link the virtual to the real.

Interview: Digital Art Week in Asia: Augmented Reality and Social Reality meet

This interview with Arthur Clay by Eva Kekou is an interesting one, especially in regard to the Asian traditions and national contexts, where different cultures meet with technology and through a festival format. The interview also offers great insight for curators and festival directors to view another’s perspective on what it’s like to set something like the DAW up. Many readers will find that the ground cover offers a unique viewpoint on art and technology in cultural context.

Article: Dans l’espace urbain, une Lausannoise a installé un métro pour Boston, d’éternels oiseaux migrateurs et une colonie d’arbres joueurs. Tout un monde insolite accessible au bout du smartphone.