ARTWORKS for ZONE 1 “Cité”

Radio Heads & Freedom FightersMichael Spahr – On the square in front of the cathedral of Lausanne as well as around the area there are several virtual statues of freedom fighters with radio heads. As soon as you touch them on your mobile device a radio show starts to play. It’s either a live broadcast from a free radio station or it’s a produced show with a message, which expresses freedom of speech. The freedom fighters make twisted moves, while the radio plays. The statues are all twisted characters from human history such as Mao, Jesus or Martin Luther, which also once fought for freedom.

Radio Heads & Freedom FightersMichael Spahr -Sur la place en face de la cathédrale de Lausanne ainsi que dans toute la région, il y a plusieurs statues virtuelles de combattants de la liberté avec des têtes de radio. Dès que vous les touchez sur votre appareil mobile une émission de radio commence à jouer. C’est soit une émission en direct d’une station de radio libre ou un spectacle produit avec un message, qui exprime la liberté d’expression. Les combattants de la liberté font des mouvements tordus, tandis que la radio joue. Les statues sont tous des personnages tordues de l’histoire humaine, comme Mao, Jésus ou Martin Luther, qui ont également lutté pour la liberté.



Shades Of Absence: Public VoidsTamiko Thiel – is a series addressing censorship in the arts. In these pavilions of absence, censored artists are reduced to gold silhouettes and placed in the midst of terms of transgression. Each erased silhouette represents countless lesser known artists who face censorship or persecution with no public support. When viewing the artwork on site, touching the display brings up a list of censored artists, including the artists depicted. “Public Voids” addresses artists whose works in public spaces have been censored.



ARTWORKS for ZONE 2 “Town Center”

Flooding FlonMark Skwarek – The futile attempt to tame Mother Nature goes horribly wrong as the River Flon floods the town of Lausanne in disaster of biblical proportions! In the 19th century the people of Lausanne attempted tame the River Flon by covering it over because of their worship of the material world. The river had to make way for businesses, shops, and more and more people. Now the people of Lausanne face the wrath of a vengeful augmented reality god who has sent the flood to wipe the slate clean. The experience will be the contrast of the excessive architecture of the hedonistic Lausannian’s and a digital flood that consumes all. Rescuers will try in vain as the Lausannian’s are swallowed by the rising water.




Pause – Lalie Pascual – PAUSE is a journey in time made of a series of animations, which are historically and culturally linked to the cities of the Virtuale Switzelerland. Each animation is a PAUSE in time and invites viewers to explore the space between the virtual and the real, as well as to discover new encounters between past, present and possible new beginnings.




ARTWORKS for ZONE 3 “Ouchy – Railway Station”

WiMet Spinners – Will Pappenheimer Created for Virtuale Switzerland, is a series of leaking network apparitions appearing in 11 Lausanne Metro stations. Many stations now in Switzerland have forged ahead to deliver free wireless access. And so the nodes of human traffic now has the world of the Internet superimposed upon this massive stream of movement. What if this invisible network began to leak objects, force fields and visions at various points in the grid? WiWo Spinners is a series of augmented reality apparitions viewable with a simple iPhone or android application. They show up as rotating colorful objects, patterns, clouds of ephemera.



The Butterfly LoversLily & Honglei – Derived from a popular Chinese folktale Butterfly Lovers, the painted figures in traditional costumes are placed at varied locations around the world. Utilizing Augmented Reality, the work addresses issues of Chinese diaspora and cultural identity, and visualizes the restless, roaming cultural spirit of the East hidden in western metropolis.



ARTWORKS for ZONE 4 “Vidy – Hautes Ecoles”

Biomer Skelters Pappenheimer & Thiel – Biomer Skelters is a participatory public artwork connecting body rhythms to potential ecosystems. As participants walk the streets, a wearable biosensing system repaints the cityscape with fantastic fields and forests of virtual vegetation, tracing participants’ changing psychosomatic conditions.



DoseWill Pappenheimer and Virta-Flaneurazine – For his virtual designer drug series “Dose” at the EPFL Rolex Learning Center, artist Will Pappenheimer has developed a “smart pill” aimed at reflecting and enhancing the productive educational atmosphere and unusual architecture. Upon acquiring and launching this augmented reality experience the user will encounter a plethora of floating objects and stars, suggesting minds that are overflowing with thoughts and information from the World Wide Web. The hypnotic effect of the constantly changing and rotating visions is intended to enhance a state of euphoric cognitive reception and inspiration.



Diamonds Are ForNever – The Curious Minds – The title plays on the fact that diamonds have been on the one hand a symbol of eternal love, or “the forever” because of their unmatched hardness and clarity, and on the other hand the work exist in completely in virtual space which hints at more at the idea that diamonds that diamonds are believed to be the tears of the gods or the splinters of fallen stars. The colors chosen for each the diamonds are traditional Korean colors and whether real or virtual, the structure of the diamond used in the work reflects the quality and quantity of light possible in worlds beyond the real.



People We Have Met But Don’t Remember Peter Aerschmann – The work created by Peter Aerschmann for the Virutale Switzerland has its roots in how the artists has been experimenting with the visible and the hidden using both still and moving imagery. The images selected are virtual and combine in their presentation in reality in an extreme ironic manner and extend event further the artistic basis of his work in that, it puts the visitor in check being able to distinguish between everyday reality and fiction.



ARTWORKS for ZONE 5 “Sauvabelin – CHUV”

Dream Machines -The Curious Minded – The original dream machine was invented by an English visionary to aid him in predicting the future. William Burroughs invented a mechanical apparatus that created the effect of non-drug induced “trip” state, allowing those seating around the machine to simultaneously enter a hypnagogic state. The DreamMachines on display in Lausanne are virtual versions of the actual mechanical ones and have the goals of providing an outlet for those seeking vision as well as escape.



Harmonic Bloom – Luke Hespanhol –  transforms its surroundings into a graceful garden filled with poetic, scattered thoughts. Huge colorful ribbon-like strands float above people’s heads bringing the blooming of emotions all around. On the ground, svirtual characters stylized in attire can be watched as they move across the way. When viewed through mobile devices, the graphics gracefully dance and spin around when th touched through the device screen, they reveal a secret poem that is released into the emotional landscape of the garden.



MAP of City Zones in  Lausanne