Opening: EPFL Rolex Center, 18:00 pm, Thursday 23 April 2015

18:00 Welcoming with Special Guests
18:30 Apero and Perfomrance with COREBOUNCE
19:00 Guided Tours with Artists and Curators

Exhibition City Wide: 23 April 2015 to 27 September 2015


Lausanne is a city in Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The city is built on the southern slope of the Swiss plateau between the lakeshore at Ouchy. Lausanne boasts a dramatic panorama over the lake and the Alps. With a population of circa 130 thousand people, it is the fourth largest city of the Switzerland and as a city with a 28-station metro system; it is the smallest city in the world to have a rapid transit system. There are around 50 sites that are listed as Swiss heritage site of national significance. The areas in Lausanne of most interest to tourists are the Cité (old city), the Flon and the port of Ouchy. To help visitors to discover Lausanne, the city has been divided into a five touristic zones, each zone being of a different character and each having a number of highlights and “have-to-be-seens”.

ZONE 1 “Cité” Exhibition

This area is where the historic city is located and it contains some of the oldest attractions that the city has to offer. The Parc Mon Repos where in the 18th century Voltaire’s plays in the presence of the author, as well as the Cathedral, the Castle, several museums are also located here. The most prominent highlight is the 13th-century Gothic Cathédrale de Lausanne, which sits perched over the city and the walk up to it offers the best view that can be found. For this area a select group of works were chosen that take advantage of the narrow streets and open areas around the Cathedral and make use of the dramatic panorama over the lake and the Alps.

ZONE 2 “Town Center” Exhibition

The town center’s includes shopping alleyways between Place Saint-Franois and Place de la Riponne and famous for the nightlife in the Flon. For this area, works were chosen that bring out hidden and forgotten things such as the warehouses that once stored goods, the rails of a train system that delivered those good and which have long since disappeared and of course the ancient river Flon itself, which has been covered since the 19th century and which formed a gorge running through the middle of the city following the course of the present Rue Centrale. In addition the artworks play with the considerable differences in elevation which is characteristic of this area and which allows visitors to view the works from very different perspectives while exploring the bridges and stairs that make this area particular interested to those who gladly go by foot.

ZONE 3 “Ouchy – Railway Station” Exhibition

This former fishing village has several places of interest, including the vast Place de la Navigation, the Chateau d’Ouchy crowned with a 12th-century tower, neo-Baroque Beau-Rivage Palace, and pleasant, tree-lined quays offering glimpses of Lake Geneva, Evian, the Savoy Alps and the renowned Lavaux vineyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. By walking from The Olympic Museum it’s possible to arrive to the Muse de l’Elyse, and its superb gardens. The artworks selected for this area pick up on the places of interest to be found here and create a dialog for the viewer with such things as the Place de la Navigation and the tree-lined quays offering glimpses of Lake Geneva.

ZONE 4 “Vidy – Hautes Ecoles” Exhibition

Situated just below the railway lines, there is a unique feature at the top of Languedoc hill: a vineyard in the middle of town! The small adjacent public park provides poetic, panoramic views over Lake Geneva and the mountains. This vineyard is there as a reminder that the City of Lausanne in the 19th century was one of the region’s most important wine-growing communes, with the lower section covered in vineyards from the Place Saint-François to the edge of the lake. The highlights for this Zone are several works that are  installed in the Rolex Centre. Here visitors will be able to interact with the virtuale by using biosensors to plant virtual vegetation and take a trip into the orbiting world of neutrino-like flying object

ZONE 5 “Sauvabelin – CHUV” Exhibition

Sauvabelin’s forest and the lake is Lausanne’s a real green lung of over 50 hectares at the heart of the city. This vast leafy forest, including a small lake and a wooden tower, is mostly made up of beech and oak trees. Here are diverse artworks are scattered around in the form of a sculpture garden inhabiting both earth and sky.

Metro Lausanne “WiMet Works” Exhibition


WiMet Spinners, by artist Will Pappenheimer for Virtuale Switzerland, is a series of leaking network apparitions appearing in 11 Lausanne Metro stations. Many stations now in Switzerland have forged ahead to deliver free wireless access. And so the nodes of human traffic now has the world of the Internet superimposed upon this massive stream of movement. What if this invisible network began to leak objects, force fields and visions at various points in the grid? WiWo Spinners is a series of augmented reality apparitions viewable with a simple iPhone or android application. They show up as rotating colorful objects, patterns, clouds of ephemera.

Active Stations:  Lausanne Gare, Ouchy  Flon, CHUV, Ripon, Dongy,  EPFL Metro, Renens-Gare, Sallaz, Bessieres and Croisettes.